Laces are a passe now. Boost your style quotient with these trendy laceless mens monk strap shoes. These shoes are ideal for formal occasions although considered a little less formal than the oxford model of shoes.

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How To Examine Quality In Leather Goods

I recently had the good fortune of talking to Dave Munson and Frank Clegg – the two men behind Saddleback Leathers and Frank Clegg Leatherworks, respectively – about how to discern quality in leather goods. While many men at this point know how to judge the quality of suits, shoes, and even sweaters, few know how to tell if a bag or wallet is well made. So, given Dave and Frank’s expertise in the field, I thought I’d ask them for their thoughts.

This short-series will be covered in two articles. For today, we’ll talk about how to examine the quality of leather itself.

The Basics of Leather

Obviously, at its foundation, the quality of any leather good should be judged on the quality of the leather itself. As many already know, you should always shoot for full-grain leather, ideally one free of scars, blemishes, or fat deposits. Lotuff Leather has a good primer on how to look for these things.

Other types of leather include top and split grains. These are made by splitting a piece of leather into two layers. The top (top-grain) is typically sanded down and finished with some kind of chemical processing. This is what we typically call corrected-grain leather, and while it’s cheaper, it also has a colder, more plastic-like feel, and results in less breathability. Over time, it will also age less well and you won’t get the nice patina that you would with full-grain leather.


Finally, we have bonded leather. This stuff is basically junk. Here, leftover scraps of leather are grounded with glue and then bonded together in a process similar to vinyl manufacture. It’s basically to full-grain leather what particleboards are to solid wood. It neither looks nice nor lasts well.

How Manufacturers Cheat

So you know that full-grain should be preferred to top and split grain, and certainly to bonded leather. But this isn’t enough, as manufacturers often cheat. How?


Well first, there are semantics. A manufacturer can say that something is made from “genuine leather” when it’s actually top or split grain, or even bonded leather. They’re not lying. It is made from genuine leather. The other way is to say that something is “made with full-grain leather” when only part of it is. Again, they’re not lying. A bag can be partly made with full grain leather, while something as cheap as vinyl is used for other parts.

The other way to cheat is by buying full-grain leather that hasn’t been processed fully. See, after a tannery removes the moisture, oils, and hair from an animal skin, they put it into giant drums with tanning solutions. These drums are expensive, however, and can cost upwards of $100,000. The tanning solutions they use can also be costly. To curb some of these expenses, some tanneries won’t let the hides sit in the drums as long as they need to. That way, they can process more hides using fewer drums and less tanning solution. In the end, the leather on your products can fade and crack with too much sunlight. You can tell whether something has been fully tanned by looking at the edges. Assuming it hasn’t been painted over with some type edge finishing, such leathers will appear blue in the middle, which shows that the tanning solution hasn’t been allowed to soak through all the way.
When we spoke, I asked Dave whether such “half-tanned” leathers are really something you’d ever find on more expensive products. “All the time,” he said. “Not all of them, of course, but if the company they outsource to is not carefully watched or if it is something that the brand is not aware of, then they’ll be getting low quality leather that is hidden with rolled or painted edges to cover up the poorly tanned leather.” Dave also noted that this isn’t something you tell just from the outside grain. The leather feels the same, but the middle will dry out and crack. The only way to tell is by looking at the edge and seeing if the middle is blue, but this also assumes that the edge hasn’t already been covered.


In the end, if you’re buying a leather good, you should aim for full-grain leather, but also make sure that the tonnage has soaked through all the way. You may also want to ask the manufacturer whether the product was fully made with full-grain leather, and examine the skin for defects such as scars, blemishes, and fat deposits. Of course, many products will have some kind of defect somewhere. Often this will be done in places where the consumer can’t see, such as the inside of a bag. This doesn’t automatically discount the quality of the good, necessarily, but it is something you may want to consider if you’re paying top-dollar for something.

5 Things To Remember Before Splurging On Leather Shoes Mr Sohrab 0 Comment Uncategorized

A boy becomes a man only when he owns a classy pair of leather shoes. If you are also making that giant leap that was pending for years, read below to understand how to spend that hard-earned money to get the best leather shoes for your feet. Hey, you deserve it, bro !!


1. Get The Right Fit: You cannot judge a book by its cover and you cannot judge a shoe merely by its look. The shoes must be comfortable enough to help you walk in them. The trick of knowing the perfect fit is to walk around in the store wearing socks that you would use with the shoes. If you are going for brogues, formal derbies or oxfords, wear your skinny dress socks. They’ll give you a better understanding of the fit. Once you put your feet in them, move your big toe upwards to know where it is. The big toe should leave an inch of a space between your toe and the shoe’s toe box to accommodate the movement when you walk. Also, feel the pressure points. Wherever you think the shoe is holding you too tight, pay attention there. Walk for a while to understand when the pressure increases. If the pressure remains constant, the shoe is not for you.


2. Understand The Leather: While understanding leather requires a certain degree of skill, you can still roughly judge the quality without attending a class. A well-crafted leather shoe will not look saggy and won’t have the slightest sign of wrinkles. The leather must be pulled up but not stiff. On the inside of the shoe, the leather should not have any lint and should be smooth and soft.


3. The Sole: The shoe is roughly divided into two parts. The upper is the part of your shoe available for the world to see while the sole silently leaves your stamp wherever you go. The sole is as much necessary as the upper. The sole must never be shiny and smooth. It will reduce the friction and make walking tougher. Prefer soles that have more grip on them. Wear your shoes and press the sole with your thumb. If you feel the pressure on your feet, the sole isn’t that good. The sole should ideally diffuse and disperse the pressure.


4. The Insole: No, we didn’t make that word up. The insole is an extremely essential part of the shoe. The insole is the extra layer of cushioning between your feet and the shoe’s make. The insole must be comfortable and sturdy. Before buying, make sure that the feet are comfortably married to the insole. The insole should also have a strong relationship with the shoe’s base. An insole that comes off when you take your feet out is cheating on you and the shoe. If you love a shoe but find the insole a bit uncomfortable, you may also buy a different pair of insoles and place it in your shoe.


5. The Look: The design and the look of the shoe is the first thing you see, and hence we placed it in the end. Follow your aesthetic and visual sensibilities with this one. But take some free advice. Shoes with pointy toes belong in the sword museum and not in your wardrobe. Anything that has a square toe should go into the hammer museum. The shoe’s toe box must be smooth and curvy. The toe should also be grounded. The more it turns upwards, the worse it will look. And yeah, avoid anything with glitter and shimmer as well.



Good Shoe Represents Your Personality

Shoes say a lot a couple of person. Chances area unit, you already wear the shoe that best fits your personality… but if not, invest in a new pair. Strut out your unique self.

choosing the right color shoes to match your suit is essential to propulsion off your outfit, and this quick and straightforward guide can provide you with all the pointers you would like.

We’ve all seen it. The guy dressed in an honest suit, his tie just thus, his shirt perfectly pressed, and his lapels looking sharp – then you spot his shoes and something’s simply roughly right. They’re clean, buffed up to a nice shine, but they simply don’t work. Nine out of 10 times it’s as a result of the color isn’t one that matches with the suit, and this can extremely amendment up the design of the outfit.

When you’re trying to match your suit with a combine of formal shoes, say for a wedding or other vital event, there are a couple of factor you would like to reveal in mind once it involves the colors. Certain colored suits work higher with completely different colored shoes. Don’t fret too much, though, it’s a really straightforward little bit of color matching that’s easy to induce right.

What shoes to wear with a black suit

Just black
Let’s start with the most common suit color – black. You are way more restricted with what color you’ll combine with this one sadly, as not many colors area unit extremely planning to work. Brown is too light and can look odd in distinction, red is too stark, and cream doesn’t even bare thinking concerning. The only combination that’s extremely planning to work is black. If that seems boring to you, and you want to add thus me interest you’ll easily amendment up what quite shoes you wear – so there’s loafers that are available in a range of designs like adornment and penny, there’s patent leather lace ups to feature some shine to your outfit, and there’s some good previous intentional brogues, which area unit a classic, yet ne’er boring.

What shoes to wear with a navy suit

Navy’s a much additional versatile suit color, allowing you to match it with a wider vary of colored shoes. There aren’t really any shoes that can go badly with a navy suit, it will even match absolutely with a combine of white canvas trainers if you’re going for a additional casual look (but clearly we tend to don’t advocate this for a marriage suit), so, go nuts! Black, brown, tan or burgundy are all gonna work well with this. It’s just a matter of what vogue you like.

As with the black shoes there are dozens of designs you’ll opt for, from old college monk shoes, to classic tassel loafers. For a sleeker look it’s best to go for something additional efficient, like a classic brogue or oxford shoe, but if you need to feature some dimension to your look attempt one thing additional attention-grabbing sort of a decorated loafer. If you do choose loafers but keep in mind to seek out some invisible/trainer socks to wear, and show off a trifle of your ankle. You don’t want to mess up the design with visible socks that don’t go together with the remainder of the outfit.

What shoes to wear with a grey suit

Again, this is a extremely versatile suit color to be sporting. The only trip up is that there area unit numerous reminder gray, and the tones can have an effect on what colors match with them. If you’ve recently bought a grey suit and you’re unsure of a way to vogue it, read out straightforward guide on what shirts to wear with it. The great factor concerning gray suits although is that they’re going with any skin tone, and aren’t as heavy as black, whilst still giving a formal, sleek look.

Dark Grey

The darker grey suit comes with a slight restraint as, like with black suits, brown shoes won’t really work well with them. However blacks and burgundies (which area unit a smart various to brown with however shut they are) can work simply fine, so you’ve still got a ton of alternative within the shoe department. These colors can offer your overall outfit a hotter look by contraceptive with the cool tone of the gray. You can additionally opt for a better edge together with your classic black shoes, creating a delicate, clean look.

Light Grey

Light Brown
Light to middle gray suits area unit simply paired with any color shoe from your light-weight tan to black, so you ought to don’t have any worries finding the proper shoe for your suit here. Light colored shoes will facilitate offer your suit a summery , easy vibe, whereas darker colors can bring out the formality of your look by toning down the suit. Because of your endless alternative you’ll go bolder with the look, going for more angular shapes or extra parts, like tassel loafers or in an elaborate way careful brogues.

What shoes to wear with a cream or beige suit

Light brown
Cream or beige suits are sometimes reserved for the summer months, with them usually created from linen or light-weight cotton. Because of this you wish to travel for a light-weight colored shoe that’s planning to compliment the design of the suit. The best style to travel for are a few things equally light-weight, such as a brogue, as it’ll match with the summery vibration. If you’re going for a smart casual look {you will|you’ll|you’ll be able to} false impression the appearance and combine your suit with some clean white plimsolls – simply ne’er ever wear them with socks that you simply can see.

The Bone Idle Guide to What Color Shoes to Wear With Your Suit

Black Suit – Black. Just Black,
Navy Suit – Black, Brown or Burgundy.
Dark Grey Suit – Black or Burgundy.
Light gray Suit – Black, Light Brown or Burgundy.
Cream/Beige – Light Brown or White.
End Note

So, matching shoes with suits can be difficult initially, but once you apprehend the fundamental color rules you’ll simply experiment and acquire additional inventive together with your decisions. A black suit is a classic piece, but if you’re wanting additional alternative with your footwear then going for a special color may be a smart plan. Now, go forth and wear your suits to perfection.